The .au xmas competition 2003!

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Questions we've been asked once


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Am I allowed to make my entry in flash?

A: We'll allow any entry that is in executable form. If you can convert your flash to '.exe' or '.com' then by all means enter a flash animation. The rule is: binary executable = ok.

our leet flash contacts tell us that creating a 'projector' out of your '.swf' file should do the trick... whatever that means ;)

Q: Is there anything in the rules to cover epilepsy/brain damage induced by my production?

A: Of course not! Brain damage is fun! (note to self: put big warning messages on the download page ;))

Q: Can I make my entry for Amiga500 ?

A: You can now! ;) Make sure you submit a bootable .ADF file, so that non-amiga people can just stick it in an emulator, watch, and enjoy. An .lha file would also be nice for people who like to use a real amiga.

The addition of amiga prods is a bit of a hack to the rules, really, so if they've suddenly become unclear, ask us and we'll sort it out.


if you have any further questions, please email them to