The .au xmas competition 2003!

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...and here are the results for 2003! We have a tie for second place, too =)

1. All I want for Xmas is an inhabitable world by disasterarea (39.5)

2. Xmas 2003 by Kaolin & No Santa Porn by Marshals (32)

3. Xmasfro by Catch 22 (26.5)

Awesome quality productions this year, and huge thanks to those who participated!

The submitted voteforms are available here for the curious.



The productions have finally been released!

You can grab them from

You can download them all in one big lump from here.

Otherwise, you can simply get them all individually:


No Santa Porn by Marshals

No Santa Porn (Zone+Fob+Nula)
Amiga 500 (kick 1.3) dentro

Note: you can download an emulator for this production here. Extra needed stuff might also be found here.


Xmas 2003 by Kaolin

requrements: lots of win32
opengl 1.2 compootar powaaah.
there's a linux version if you
ask for it.


Xmasfro by Catch 22

requires: win32, opengl1.2? & soundcard
500mhz or better cpu, i imagine.
geforce or better gpu, probably.


All I want for Xmas is an inhabitable world by disasterarea

you be requiring:
win32, soundcard, and opengl1.3..
geforce recommended.