The .au Xmas Compo 2004!

Voting Deadline: 2/1/2005!

21/12/04: Demos released!

It's release time! You can download this year's entries HERE!

Well, how can I say this... everyone sucks except kaolin! =)

14/11/04: Invtro released

Yep, an invtro for the compo has been released. Grab it here!

10/11/04: It's back!

Oh no! We're putting together another demoscene xmas competition extravaganza! (or something!)

If this is the first time you've landed here, perhaps you should visit the about section, which hopefully should clear up what on earth this competition is, and why you should enter.

The rules are mostly the same as last year, except we've now allowed for productions that will run on emulators. If you'd like to make an entry for an emulated platform, please check them out.

Hopefully that's enough for this site's first update, any questions can be directed to