11th of January, 2008

We have our results!

1st The Seekable Demo by eXtrait

2nd MCMF by disasterarea

3rd Hit Mouse 01 by AN4KIR

4th Nullarbor: No Trees 2008 by Error64 & cTrix

5th Xmas-TTT 2007 by TTT

And now for some post-compo analysis...

This year is up there as one of the best production-wise ever! A HUGE THANKS TO ALL WHO SENT IN DEMOS AND VOTE FORMS!

It's also the first time that the 1st place has gone to a non-Australian demogroup too! Congratulations eXtrait!

The optional elements rule did skew the results, but not nearly as much as we expected it to.

Personally, I'd like to bring back that rule again next year, possibly with bigger benefits or easier elements to include. If you have any suggestions for what the 'optional elements' should be next year, email them to ript at disasterarea.net!

And now ... a breakdown on what demo got which bonus points (no particular order)...

The Seekable Demo (%40 bonus)

Bonus points were awarded for the xmas tree(s).

Although the demo definitely had a Santa Claus - was there an elf? There was an elf-like little guy standing next to a snowman near the end, but it wasn't obvious enough for us to hand out the bonus on this one.

The demo had oddly shaped 3d xmas presents. They were soooo close to being cubes, but they actually weren't - Bonus points awarded =)

MCMF (%20 bonus)

Bonus points awarded for the xmas tree. I know it's only 3 triangular shaped thingies, but it really is meant to be an xmas tree. Trust me =)

Xmas-TTT 2007 (%20 bonus)

Bonus points were awarded for the xmas tree - the intro says it's an xmas tree, so it must be!

Nullarbor: No Trees 2008 (%20 bonus)

There was a santa, but no elves - close, but no cigar!

I'm not quite sure that the soundtrack qualifies as a "doom metal" version of Jingle Bells, but it definitely fits into some kind of sick MIDI metal subgenre! We've awarded the bonus for this one ;)

HIT MOUSE 01 (%60 bonus)

Bonus points for the xmas tree.

Bonus points for the santa AND elves.

Well, there's a version of Jingle Bells/Smoke on the water fusion ('Smokey' on the first menu) ... not sure that that's doom metal, though, but it's certainly interesting.

We're also not sure what you'd call the 'Xmass' tune (second menu near the bottom) on this music disk ... I wouldn't call it doom metal myself, but it's definitely the most warped version of Jingle Bells on the planet. What genre is it anyway? Do we get to name it? =) If we call it cyberchipfuckednoisedoommetalextravaganza, it contains doom metal. Why not, eh? Bonus points awarded.

Again, thanks to all contributors, voters, and demo watchers out there.

We hope you had an awesome holiday season!

24th of December, 2007

We have another late entrant - check out the traditional nullarbor 2008 invitation game

I've updated the voteforms so if you're one of the few who already voted, you may wish to resubmit. You may not, either, but that's fine too!

22nd/23rd December, 2007

We have our entries! Head over to the download page and check them out NOW!

Oh, and don't forget to look at the voting information!

21st of December, 2007

Sorry to say, we're delaying another day to hopefully get one more entry!

Release will happen tomorrow regardless!

20th of December, 2007

As usual, the deadline has been extended by 24 hours to help anyone struggling to finish their entry on time!

(This is becoming somewhat of a tradition, too!)

11th of December, 2007

Invite intro FINALLY released ... Grab it here!

Only 10 days to go! Don't forget to register your interest if you'd like to come to a screening night when the entries are released - at the moment it looks like the evening of the 21st in Hawthorn, Melbourne.

2nd of October, 2007

We're under way!

Be sure to check out the rules page as we're trying an extreme new ruleset this year:

We've done away with the requirement for xmas content in your entry. However, we've introduced a new rule - Optional Elements. If you include these optional elements, you can boost the power of every vote you receive by up to 200 percent!

We'd also like to organise a screening evening/afternoon to show the entries on a big screen to all who are interested in coming. This is a "maybe" at this point, but it would be a lot of fun. Contact us if you'd be interested in attending!

An invite intro should be out soon, so stay tuned.

31st July 2007

You bet your bleeding arse something is happening!

Started the ball rolling. More compo information will appear here over the coming months.