The .au xmas competition 2003!

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(12:59pm, GMT)


  • the filesize of your ZIPPED entry should not exceed 3mb (3145728 bytes)

  • your entry must either:

    • run inside a win32 environment (win2000, winME, winXP, etc) from an EXE or COM file!
    • run inside a linux/X environment. NOTE: not many people will be able to watch your production if you choose linux. all linux entries should be tar/gzipped (.tar.gz) rather than ordinary zip (.zip).
    • run on an amiga 500! (a500 entries should be submitted _at least_ as ADF. Ordinary .lha would probably be handy, too)

  • your entry must display something on the screen. (sound, however, is optional)

  • you must include a 'file_id.diz' file inside your entry archive. sample one here for the lazy/confused. we will display these next to the download links when the entries are released.

  • your production must not contain any copyrighted material that you do not have permission to use, and redistribute.

  • you must give us the right to distribute your entry free of charge on the internet and/or cd-rom. if we decide to upload your entry to, or anywhere else, you won't have any problems with that.

  • your entry must not have been previously released.

  • in your production you must have 'some' christmas related content. mentioning that your demo/intro was part of this competition doesn't count. since we don't want to limit your creativity, it can be a small part (an end screen, start screen, whatever)

  • last year, an australian scener had to contribute to your entry. this year, ANYONE CAN ENTER!

  • in the unlikely event that there is a flood of entries, we will make a preselection. aussie/kiwi entries will get priority, because this compo is based in .au

  • we reserve the right to disqualify any entry. we will give reasons if we do, though


  • your entry must not rely on any network connection being present.

  • if your entry writes to the hard drive, it must clean up after itself

  • don't leave any junk in the windows system registry


  • if your file_id.diz doesn't mention system requirements, it's effectively useless. please make sure they're in there.

  • try to make sure your entry's system requirements aren't 'too high'... remember, people with all sorts of setups are going to try and watch your entry, and if it's horribly slow/doesn't run, they aren't going to vote for you.

  • if you're making a linux entry, please consider making a windows port and submitting it separately. this is so that your audience (and hence voters) are maximised. we can help you to port your entry (we've had a fair bit of practice), so contact us if you don't know where to start.

  • think when creating productions that contain potentially offensive content! they might be disqualified. it depends.. basically, if you manage to offend us, you're out for sure. we are reasonable, though. if in doubt, ask us first. or put it in a secret part.

  • although the size limit is 3mb, it might be an idea to try and keep the size down - people still use dial-up modems.

  • it would probably be a good idea to include an 'infofile' inside your entry archive, with your contact details, rants, etc.

  • please ensure your entry is virus free. we will check them as well.