The .au xmas competition 2003!

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How to vote

First you download the voteform from here. Then you fill it out. Then you mail it to

The voting system is different from last year.

On the form, just rank the entries as you'd like to see them placed. ie. put a '1' next to the production you would like to see come first, and a '2' for the one you'd like to see come second, and so on.

You can even rank two productions as the same place if you can't decide which should be there. ie. put a '1' next to two different productions, because you simply can't decide.

The placings you give amount to points (first place is 4 points, second is 3 points, and so on down to fourth place with 1 point)

Please note that two productions ranked as '1' will not get the full 4 points each, they actually get 3.5. The way this works can get rather complicated, so if you really must know how to work it out then please email us and maybe we'll bother typing it out ;)

At the conclusion of voting, all voteforms will be available for download so that you can verify the results if you wish.