The .au Xmas Compo 2004!

so ... what's all this, then?

"The .au Xmas Compo" is an online xmas demo competition. Everyone is invited to submit a demo or intro, which will be made available for public download on around the 20th of December.

After the productions are released, we will begin the voting phase of the competition, where the public are invited to vote for their favourite entries. Some time after Xmas day, we will declare a winner and they will be crowned supreme ruler of the universe! Think of the glory! (We also have a spare demobook around, so maybe we'll send you that, too)

Whatchoo talkin' about, Willis? Demos?

A demo is a non-interactive real-time application that you run on your computer and watch and enjoy (generally ;)

In a way, demos are like music videos, only they are rendered in real-time on your computer using programming techniques similar to those used in games.

The best way to learn about demos is to watch some. The biggest online demo archive is at, and their "viewing tips" section would be a good place to start.